We are a team of experts from Amsterdam The Netherlands specialized in the field of cannabis with a lot of experience. We ensure innovation and quality. Cannabis Valley Way ™ makes sustainable products with CBD and THC. Developing cannabis oils and concentrates. We also helps companies to bring new cannabis related products onto the market.

From idea to implementation Cannabis Valley Way ™ is involved in the development ,design and marketing of products with CBD {Cannabidiol} and THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) these products will soon make an big impact in our everyday lives.

We have innovative formulas and supply pure clean lab tested CBD and THC Oil. Only the best is good enough for Cannabis Valley Way ™ with us you are assured of top quality.

We are also going to use Lebanese cannabis with the unique properties for medical purposes. We are going to make the following groundbreaking Lebanese medical cannabis products: Capsules, Creams, CBD Oil and a CBD-THC Oil Mix.

The climatic conditions in the Lebanon mountain valleys, the clean air, the growing conditions, the amount of rainfall, the sunlight, the temperature, the humidity, the ecolgical balanse, the type of soil all make a difference in the chemical constituents of a cannabis plant. This is the perfect way to go it does not grow in greenhouses or indoors under lamps. This grows outside its a pure natural sustainable growth process and 100% organic!

The best hashish in the world has been made from this unique pure cannabis in Lebanon for many centuries it an ancient, traditional product. The classic Red Lebanon hash has a one to one ratio in THC and CBD (lab tested in Amsterdam) this ratio you won't find anywhere in the world! That combination enhances the medical effect perfect to make medical products of the Lebanese cannabis.

The cannabis is grown outside in the fertile Lebanese mountain valleys without the use of pesticides and fertilizer if you are serious about clean medicinal cannabis products this is the only way to go!

We have no doubt about the great special medical qualities of this pure clean Lebanese cannabis.

We are helping a local Lebanese growers community with advice for this project and plan to bring medicinal cannabis products on the market that will help a lot of people inside and outside Lebanon. This is the perfect time and a great opportunity for Lebanon to develop a new medicinal cannabis industry which can cover the entire Middle East, North-Africa and the rest of the world.

We are the founders of the official quality mark foundation for CBD and Weed in The Netherlands with years of experience in the cannabis industry.


CBD Market could reach $16 Billion by 2025.


Learn more about the great benefits of medicinal cannabis on this link.




Lebanon the Middle Eastern nation is preparing to legalize cannabis cultivation for medical use in an effort to boost its troubled economy, Lebanon’s House Speaker told US ambassador Elizabeth Richard on Tuesday, according to the country’s official news agency.




Do you want to participate (invest) in this unique project and benefit from it? Then you are welcome. We are personally present in Lebanon for a business tour and advice.

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