Cannabis Valley Way. Part of the quality mark foundation for CBD and Weed in the Netherlands.

Premium Quality CBD Weed.

We are a team of experts from Amsterdam The Netherlands with more than thirty years of experience specialized in the field of cannabis and hash. We have founded the first world famous cannabis coffeeshops in Amsterdam. We ensure innovation and quality. Cannabis Valley Way ™ makes sustainable products with CBD and THC. Developing cannabis oils and concentrates. We also helps companies to bring new cannabis related products onto the market.

Indoor CBD Wiet zonder zaad compacte toppen met een hoog CBD gehalte (Zie de foto boven.)

From idea to implementation Cannabis Valley Way ™ is involved in the development ,design and marketing of products with CBD {Cannabidiol} and THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) these products will soon make an big impact in our everyday lives.

We have innovative formulas and supply pure clean lab tested CBD and THC Oil. Only the best is good enough for Cannabis Valley Way ™ with us you are assured of top quality.

We are the founders of the official quality mark foundation for CBD and Weed in The Netherlands.With years of experience in the cannabis industry.

CBD Market could reach $16 Billion by 2025.

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Holland The Famous Cheese Country. First in the World CBD Cheese made in Holland by Cannabis Valley Way. The Cannabis Experts. Only the best is good enough for Cannabis Valley Way ™

Wij leveren ook white label zuivere CBD Olie aan meerdere coffeeshops met hun eigen logo zoals in Amsterdam.

Nieuw! CBD Wiet met maar 0,2% THC speciaal als tabaks vervanger geen vieze vage kruidemengsels meer maar lekkere pure CBD Wiet in je joint.

Cannabis Valley Way ™ One step ahead on the cannabis way and we make it happen!

Cannabis Valley Way ™ The Cannabis Experts.

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